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Colon Cleanse

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What is a Colon-cleanse?

A Colon cleanse (also known as colon therapy, colonic-irrigation or colonic-hydrotherapy) is a gentle cleansing of the large intestine dating back to ancient Greece. There are two primary forms, natural (using teas, herbs or enzymes) and practitioner based. We offer the more effective practitioner based version.

Our colon hydro-therapist perform the colon irrigation for you (known as a closed method) ensuring safety and hygiene. Colon irrigations work a little like self-applied enema’s except far more effective as they use much more water. A great advantage of this method are none of the odours, discomfort or risks.


Low-risk irrigation approach

One of the largest risk with colonic irrigation is the insertion of the rectal speculum. Some people have haemorrhoids (internal & external) , fissures, strictures, benign growths (harmless tumours), polyps,  and for some individuals the rectum does not lay at the expected angle or they suffer from a rectal prolapse. Knowing this, you would now agree that trying to insert yourself, a rectal speculum in an area that you can’t see and in some cases have difficulty in reaching is not the best approach and in some cases lead to bowel perforation. Hence the reason we do the insertion, a very quick 10 second private procedure.


Is this cleanse like a detox?

A colon cleanse is very similar to a detox in that it removes ‘toxins’ and unwanted matter from the large intestine. Often the two terms are used interchangeably, however a colonic-irrigation is purely external and does not require a long period of time. Detox can take many days and involve consuming herbs or drugs to clean out the bowel and large intestine.


What are the benefits of a colon-cleanse?

 There is a theory know as autointoxication. Basically, it means undigested food like meat cause mucus (mucoid-plaque) build-up in the colon. The theory and science suggest this mucus enters the body as toxins and prevents the proper absorption or digestion of foods, hence optimal healing cannot occur. The benefit of removing the plaque (ie. doing a colonic-irrigation) include more energy, being in balance, stable weight, wellness.


Why does this mucoid-plaque form?

The body has normal healthy mucosa, but due to unhealthy eating habits the body creates the plaque to protect itself from acids, toxic compounds like drugs (aspirin and alcohol), table salt, heavy metals, chemicals and the toxins produced by incomplete digestion and absorption of food.


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