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DNA Testing

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Melbourne DNA Testing 



DNA Testing with our Melbourne Naturopath

Realising your genetic potential through nutritional and lifestyle changes can lead to changing your genetic destiny.





Emerging new science on Epigenetics has revealed that gene expression is influenced by the environment we live in but more importantly how we can change this environment and influence these genes through lifestyle changes and proper nutrition.

Epigenetics is the differing expressions of the genes caused by environmental influences without actually changing the DNA code.  In fact new understanding that many of our genes have” switches “ and these “gene switches” can be turned on and off according to one’s lifestyle and environment.

Environmental influences on genes can be in the form of food, drugs, herbs, chemicals, radiation, emotions and lifestyles.  Science is also showing that epigenetics influences in our parent’s environment can be passed on to the children.



At Naturopathy Melbourne we can help our clients by measuring their genetic potential, by improving their nutritional substances and lifestyle and ultimately turning “ON” the switch that expresses the Good Genes.

Realise your strengths and enhance your weaknesses with personalised genetic profiling. 


Melbourne DNA Testing


Using a saliva sample and SMART DNA Laboratory we can test a number of important genes which have a profound influence on one’s health.




We do not test for gene-disease causation, for example testing for a gene which relates to a specific disease such as breast cancer, but instead the testing focuses on genes that relate to physiological processes such as immunity, inflammation, bone health and the ability to detox  and prevent oxidative stress.

These physiological processes can lead to disease by switching on the bad genes but the good news is that epigenetic alteration of gene behaviour is general reversible.


How Does Naturopathy Melbourne Undertake Genetic Testing?

A genetic test is accurate and easy using a saliva sample when you purchase a genetic test kit.  This sample is then given to SMART DNA who uses a mass array to detect over 70 DNA changes.  An extensive report is provided with analysis at one’s own unique genetic profile of strengths and weaknesses.  The genetic test will allow you to influence your genetic variant using specific food, lifestyle and exercise.


■ Lipid Profile

The selection of the genes involved in lipid metabolism is targeted to genes involved in fat absorption, fat transport and conversions and degradation of fat. Dyslipidemia can have various genetic causes, which are influenced by nutrition, alcohol, smoking and sex specific effects as well. The efficacy of drugs can depend on the polymorphisms identified in each individual.

The Lipid Panel for heart health assesses twenty-three gene polymorphisms to provide a comprehensive analysis of each individual’s genetic contribution to their HDL, LDL, small-LDL particles, triglycerides, fat resorption, fat deposition and inflammation.


■ Blood Pressure Profile

High blood pressure or hypertension is the leading cause of strokes and heart attacks. The early detection of high blood pressure is critical before it causes damage to blood vessels, brain, heart and other organs. Salt is an important nutritional component involved in the regulation of blood pressure. However, dieticians will tell you that salt restriction may reduce blood pressure in some individuals but not others. The reason is genetic and the take home message is that dietary interventions to control high blood pressure are beneficial when they match the gene variant that you have.


■ Phase I and Phase II Detox Profile

Phase 1 liver detoxification profile. Drugs (including caffeine), metals and hormones are transformed in this process into reactive bioactive compounds. Up-regulation of this process can lead to the accumulation of these metabolites.

Phase II liver detoxification profile. Metabolites from Phase I liver detoxification will be transformed into water-soluble compounds and then excreted in urine. This process depends on a large antioxidant capacity. The down regulation of phase II liver detoxification leads to an accumulation of toxic metabolites. This in turn increases oxidative stress.

Having a robust detoxification system that removes harmful toxins and compounds is essential to gene-repair. This detoxification process occurs in two phases, I and II whereby harmful molecules are converted to less dangerous ones that can be removed from the body.


■ Oxidative Stress Profile

“Molecular rusting” of our cells occurs during oxidation. Oxidative stress is a major cause of premature ageing and cell death. This panel assesses the major enzymes involved in anti-oxidative defence.


■ Homocysteine Profile

Homocysteine an amino acid when inefficiently metabolised can increase the risk of developing heart disease, blood clots and stroke. There is a simple nutrient solution to reducing homocysteine levels using the B vitamin folate or folic acid.

With this test, people can adjust their intake of folate based on their known MTHFR enzyme activity. Some individuals have 35 percent, 50 percent or as much as 70 percent reduced enzyme activity putting them at increased risk since their efficiency in converting homocysteine to a less harmful molecule is greatly reduced.


■ Inflammation Profile

Your genes are a source of inflammation. For example a key gene is Interleukin 6 or IL-6, which is known to stimulate the production of C-reactive protein. It appears that high C reactive protein levels are a determinant of future heart disease. One gene has been linked to increased risk of coronary heart disease. This gene change is found in 15 percent of the population and it has been shown that cigarette smoke stimulates this gene, which means people with the gene change need to refrain from both active and passive smoking. In addition, anti-inflammatory nutrients such as fish and plant oils can provide a preventative measure.


■ Osteo Genic Profile

Osteoporosis effects equally men and women. The prevention of osteoporosis is multi-faceted; involving lifestyle, nutrition and management of inflammatory processes. This panel identifies the capacities of calcium uptake, predisposition to enhanced inflammatory response and risk of bone loss.


■ Lactose Profile

Some people are likely to be lactose intolerant due to lack of the lactase enzyme as an adult.


■ Dia Bet-Gen Profile

This analysis covers your personal risk assessment for diabetes type II. Diabetes is one of the major diseases of this century.


Genetic testing allows us to treat our body’s weakened systems that ultimately cause our symptoms and ill health.


Healthy Melbourne Man


Your treatment will be based on the individuality of your test results so that there is no guessing which supplements will suit you and no longer will you have to have a shopping bag full of pills.  A “gene smart” diet is a truly health enhancing diet.




Are you interested in discussing how you can change your genetic destiny?

Give Naturopathy Melbourne a call and book an appointment with our Naturopaths.


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